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Download Twizoo to see where’s best to go nearby now for eats and drinks around London. You’ll have an up-to-the-minute view of where you can enjoy a pint, pizza, or some peri-peri.

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Right away, really easy

When you’re on the go and looking for somewhere good to eat or have a drink, you don’t have time to scroll through tons of reviews to find out where to go. Twizoo does away with long lists and lengthy reviews by using Twitter to show you the best places nearest you right now.

Just like stoplights, green means “go” while red means you might want to stop in your tracks, at least this time. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the buzz. Twizoo makes it easy to see where to go, right away.

You = your own best critics

The best feedback about places doesn’t come from one person (sorry professional restaurant critics!) or anonymous sources (sorry TripAdvisor!) but from all of us, and that’s why Twizoo turned to Twitter.

Twizoo listens to the real Twitter conversations happening all around you about London’s food and drink scene so you can check out the best place right here, right now. No more reviews, just real life.

Business blossoms

If you own a pub or a restaurant, you’d probably like to reach more customers using Twitter, but can’t find the time. While you might have Twitter followers already, with Twizoo, you can also reach new customers who are nearby right when they’re looking for great places to eat and drink. If you have a special happening you want to talk about, even better.

Getting your tweets in front of even more motivated people is easy with Twizoo. Just sign up and keep tweeting like you already do. We’ll do the rest.

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