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Introducing #NoMoreReviews

This isn’t a line, it’s the truth. On average, there are seven more tweets about a restaurant for every one traditional review (!). And we all know the best feedback about restaurants and bars doesn’t come from just one person (sorry professional restaurant critic!) or anonymous sources on review sites (ahem…you know who). It comes from real people. That’s why Twizoo analyses millions of tweets about the restaurant and bar scene to help you find that perfect place every time, in real-time.

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Twizoo’s 99%* No Bull Magic

How does Twizoo work you may wonder? Well, the Twizoo brain is pretty clever. She (yes, she) listens to all Tweets about restaurant, bars, cafes, and pubs. She looks at things like if it’s positive or negative, who tweeted it, when did they tweet it, did the Tweet get retweeted, and loads of other things. Spam or Tweets from less than credible sources (i.e. the restaurant’s PR agency) don’t get past her. She looks at all of this in lightning speed (so quick it already happened), and then uses this to rank the restaurants best to worst, based on what you’re searching for.

*Hey… she’s not perfect. If you think you found something off, email us: tips@twizoo.com

The Twizoo Community

Twizoo just wouldn’t be Twizoo if it weren’t for the thousands+ people Tweeting about the best (and worst) places to eat or drink every week. The Twizoo Community gives a shout-out to the weekly top Tweaters in our ‘Best of’ lists, and a real-time feed of their foodie chatter. Whether you want to see what the experts are saying or who is complaining the most, this is your destination. The question is, did you make one the list? Download Twizoo today and find out!